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Mentoring & Guidance

Working together, Empowerment, Support


Participate, Progress, Transition


Healthy Living, Emotional Resilience, ELSA


Our Services

At Personalised Learning Dorset we offer a range of services and provision to support children to re-engage in education. We understand that not all cases are the same and work hard to find innovative ways to support positive change for our young people.


Whatever your requirements, you can be assured of a face to face meeting with one of our staff to ensure clear, measured targets are set and a personalised package of support is built according to your needs as a referrer, as well as the needs of the child you are referring. 

For a full range of services we offer or an informal chat about how we could help, feel free to contact us by either emailphone​ or Facebook via our contact page

  • 'Sandbanks, Poole'

    We offer a highly stimulating and  varied program of activities designed to maximise the chances of positive re-engagement in education. 

    All children will have opportunity to take part in a wide variety of tasks in locations across Dorset, all carefully planned to include literacy and numeracy as well as having a strong focus on practical and social development. 

    As part of this program there will be an assigned Key Worker for every child and access to a range of services including ELSA, CBT, Anger Management and Counselling according to the young person's needs. 

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  • 'Abbotsbury, Dorset'

    At Personalised Learning Dorset we understand the vital importance of

    timely support, and the need for appropriate assessments and referrals being completed to action this.

    We have a wealth of experience completing referrals, risk assessments, behaviour support plans and

    Early Help Assessments.

    These documents and referrals are at the core of any child's support plan and provide valuable evidence of the interventions you have provided for them.


    To find out how we can support

    your school or academy in completing these then please contact

    us via our contact us page. 

  • 'Upton House, Poole'

    At Personalised Learning Dorset we have a dedicated team of professionals ready to support you with any aspect of pastoral care and support in schools. We offer a broad, professional service where we can offer our experience and skills in order to support children and young people at your school or academy. 

    Our Early Help Support Service is a fantastic way of ensuring your own team does not use their precious time completing complex assessments and instead leaves them free to have face to face time with students during the day. 

    For information on how we may be able to support your school or academy, please contact us via our contact us page.

  • 'Corfe Castle, Dorset'

    We understand how worrying it can be for parents when their children start to struggle in school, and we want to help relieve some of that concern.


    Personalised Learning Dorset offers a free, impartial advice service from

    a range of experienced professionals

    for any parent or carer who may

    need help or support with their child, either at home or in school.


    If you are a parent or carer who is concerned about their child and

    would like to talk to experienced educational professionals for

    impartial advice and signposting to services then please feel free to

    either email or call us via

    our contact us page.

Registered offices: 130 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BD

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